Student Profile: Patrick Muldowney


Patrick Muldowney
Walkersville, MD

Patrick has taken three classes from me over the past year. He’s done a group class, an individual class and he’s attended my three day Kayak Fishing Boot Camp. It was a pleasure spending time on the water with Patrick because of his enthusiasm and focus. He’s improved his fishing success exponentially. I really enjoy getting text messages from Patrick about his catches and the BIG smallmouth he’s been hauling in since the classes. He’s become a student of the sport.
Q: What sparked your interest in kayak fishing?

Patrick: Just a basic love for fishing and the outdoors. I like the flexibility of kayak fishing..any type of tributary under varying conditions. I also enjoy the peace and tranquility.

Q: What do you consider your home river(s)?

Patrick: Closer to the Potomac but rarely fish it because well… just can’t beat the Susky.

Q: Generally what was your approach to kayak fishing before the class and your level of success? Were there things that you struggled with specifically?

Patrick:  I got into river fishing by going with a guide in the fall and all we threw were tubes so that’s all I knew and became a one dimensional fisherman. So when conditions were right I did very well but when the tube bite wasn’t on I struggled. Also being able to read the water and maneuver and position the kayak effectively is tough for any beginner.

19″ smallmouth caught burning a swimbait during Pat’s first Kayak Fishing Class with Kayak Fish PA

Q: What were your expectations going into the class?

Patrick: I really wasn’t sure what to expect because I had never done anything like taking a class. I just knew that I had a lot to learn about every aspect of the sport from boats, paddling, tackle, gear, river conditions, etc.

Q: What were the two most important skills/concepts that you learned during class and how do they relate to your kayak fishing now?

Patrick: First and most importantly, I have gained respect for the river and how dangerous it can be. Safety was really never a serious consideration before the class but now it is the first thing I think about before hitting the water. The second most important thing was to be able to establish a pattern by using a progression of a few baits (less than 10) in the water column.

Q: How has the class changed the way you fish and your success?

Patrick: I took the summer class. Prior to the class I thought mid summer heat and low water meant terrible fishing. By applying what I learned in the class, I had an incredible summer of fishing with a lot of BIG fish from skinny water. Who knew?

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