Student Profile: John Miller


John Miller
Dover, Pennsylvania

What sparked your interest in kayak fishing?

I have been fishing since I was in my teens. Kayak fishing was a great way for me to explore new waters and new experiences. I have made some close friends since I started and fish new waters I wouldn’t have ever had the chance to fish.

What do you consider you home rivers?

Susquehanna River

20160818_085812What was you approach to fishing before the class and your level of success?

I usually just tried to hit spots I thought would hold fish. I’ve had very limited success… hence the “KING OF SKUNKS”.

What were the two of the most important things that you were hoping to learn from the kayak fishing class and why were they important to you?

The first was a better understanding of lure presentation. I think I would actually scare the fish with the way I presented the lures to them. Also I wanted to gain knowledge on how to pattern fish. I would just fish one way. If it works great if not I didn’t catch any fish.

What were the two most important pieces of knowledge that you left the class with?

The two most important things I left your class with was a better understanding of how to pattern fish and how to better position my Kayak on the water.

How has the class changed the way you fish and your success?

Your class has totally changed my approach to reading the water and how to locate better fish. Since your class I have been more successful in catching bigger fish more often.

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