How to find and catch pre-spawn river smallmouth bass

Juan used his strategies and techniques outlined in the vidoes to land this 21.25″ smallmouth along with two other citation smallmouth on this trip.

I’ve often been asked about my strategies for finding and catching pre-spawn river smallmouth bass. Early spring fishing for pre-spawn river smallmouth bass can be incredible some days and extremely difficult others. It’s the nature of that time of year. ┬áDrastic swings in weather, water and fish behavior are common in spring. A successful angler can roll with the punches recognize opportunities and capitalize on them with the right approaches and presentations. In the two video’s below I outline my systematic approach to finding river smallmouth in pre-spawn and explain the lures and presentations I most often use to catch them in different situations.

If you want to learn more about kayak fishing for pre-spawn river smallmouth bass, check out my “Pre-Spawn River Kayak Fishing Class“.

Pre-Spawn River Smallmouth Bass Part 1

Pre-Spawn River Smallmouth Bass Part 2

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